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Emilie Crist 
I am a registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist serving clients in California. I enjoy working with children, teens, adult individuals and couples on their healing journey to find a renewed perspective and get in touch with their authentic selves. I am very passionate and committed to working with each client diligently as they work to make changes, achieve goals, and explore deeper meanings with a collaborative and eclectic approach I provide. I have a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Public Health from Fresno State and a Masters of Arts in Marriage Family and Therapy.

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Vivian Mitchell 
My name is Vivian—I work with my clients to focus on goals they want to achieve. I
believe in authenticity, flexibility, and building meaningful relationships with my clients. I’ve been in the mental health/psychology field for about seven years; my educational experience includes Cuesta College, University of California, Irvine, and Penn State University. I have extensive experience working with children, teens, young adults, neurodivergent individuals, and LGBTQIA+ individuals. That being said, I am happy to book with anyone who would like to work with me; I have worked with a diverse clientele of all ages with a wide variety of clinical concerns. I take an eclectic approach to therapy that matches the needs of the client to the style of therapy—typically I will use person-centered therapy, play therapy techniques, art/music therapy techniques,
behavioral therapy techniques, and cognitive restructuring. I’m trained in treating all clinical disorders, family struggles, coming-of-age concerns, substance/alcohol use disorders, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder. I believe in congruence—which means what you see is what you’ll get with me, and honesty is one of my core values. I strive to enhance resilience and promote better outcomes for all of my clients, and it would be an honor to work with you! I’m proud to be a part of the Aronsen Counseling Services team under the clinical supervision of Tisha Aronsen.

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April Ann Madden 
As an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor and Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, I bring a deeply rooted belief in the inherent uniqueness of every individual I have the privilege to work with. My approach to therapy is grounded in the understanding that each person's journey is profoundly distinct and deserving of personalized support and interventions. With a diverse background spanning clinical psychology and substance use disorder counseling, I approach therapy sessions with a profound sense of empathy, understanding, and a steadfast commitment to meeting clients exactly where they are in their healing process.

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Carol Hurd 
Hi, my name is Carol Hurd and I’ve been a counselor since 2014. I started my journey in education working with children and teens but specialize in counseling young adults. My services include academic, career, and personal/social counseling as well as life skill development and resource acquisition. I work with individuals, couples, and families but my specialty lies in helping individuals become the best version of themselves. I look forward to partnering with you on your own journey to self-discovery!



Sally Kazemi 
My name is Sally Kazemi (Saloumeh Kazemi) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #144478 at Aronsen Counseling Services. I have a Bachelor in Psychology and a Master of Science in Counseling/Marriage, Family, And Child Therapy. I have worked with many different individuals, families, couples, and children. I have experience working with clients who have depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, social anxiety, OCD, trauma, mood disorders, couple’s issues, and family of origin issues. I believe that together in a therapeutic setting, you can learn to embrace and explore many different parts of your life that can be uncomfortable or causing distress. By leaning into these often uncomfortable areas, you also open yourself up to new solutions, new ideas, and a fuller more alive experience. It would be a pleasure to join you on your journey of improving your life, relationships, and overall well-being. I use a gentle, strength-based, collaborative approach to help you build insight, and self-awareness and find meaning and solutions to your life’s journey. My goal is to help you create your fullest life; however, you choose to define it. In therapy, I always say "Take what you need and leave what you don't."

-Bachelor in Psychology
-Master of Science in Counseling/Marriage, Family, And Child Therapy
-Domestic Violence Counselor
-Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certification
-Prevention Early Intervention Specialist.

  • English
  • Farsi

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Natali Skaya 
Natali has over 10 years’ experience working in the healthcare field, with a focus on helping the wellbeing of those who are struggling with their mental health. She attended University of Arizona and Whittier College and received her bachelor’s degree in English, and Psychology. She attended Antioch University and received her master’s degree in clinical psychology, with a focus on Addiction and Recovery. She has a background working in residential rehabilitation centers, where she provided counseling, outreach, business development, alumni services, and facilitated the continuation of care for clients. She has provided counseling in mental health programs, schools, clinics, and private practice. Natali is passionate about working with adolescents and adults who struggle with substance use, recovery, anxiety, their family environment, and coming of age difficulties. Her goal is to meet clients where they are and create a solution focused environment through compassion and creativity. Each client is unique, and she strives to contribute to celebrating their individuality by encouraging clients to learn tools to take care of themselves in the best way possible. She incorporates a whole-person approach within her therapy, to help connect the dots. She is proud to have been working with the Aronsen Counseling team for over a year.



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Jakki Joyner 
Jakki has over 13 years of experience. Her education includes a degree program with over 1700 hours and two sports massage internships and is trained in several modalities including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Pregnancy, and Sports Massage.

Jakki is known as the "Velvet Hammer" due to her extensive knowledge, compassion, and experience massaging all body types, coupled with her love for the profession. She also currently is employed at Spa Allegretto in Paso Robles, CA.

Jakki has joined Aronsen Counseling Services on MONDAYS to offer her services.



Currently offering In-Person & Online Therapy

What Is Marriage and Family Therapy?

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Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) is a form of psychotherapy that addresses the behaviors of all family members and the way these behaviors affect not only individual family members, but also relationships between family members and the family unit as a whole. As such, treatment is usually divided between time spent on individual therapy and time spent on couple therapy, family therapy, or both, if necessary. MFT may also be referred to as couple and family therapy, couple counselingmarriage counseling, or family counseling.

When It's Used
The range of physical and psychological problems treated by MFT include marital and couple conflict, parent and child conflict, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual dysfunction, grief, distress, eating disorders and weight issues, children’s behavior problems, and issues with eldercare, such as coping with a parent’s or grandparent’s dementia. MFT practitioners also work with mental-health issues such as a family member’s depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia, and the impact these issues have on the rest of the family.

What to Expect
MFT is normally short-term therapy consisting of an average of 12 solution-focused sessions. More sessions may be required, however, depending on the nature and severity of the problem(s). In couple or marriage counseling, the therapist will begin by meeting with both partners and then spend some time with each individual. In family therapy, the therapist will also begin by meeting with the entire family and then, if appropriate, meet separately with individual family members. The first session is generally for information gathering, so the therapist can learn about the problem that brought you to therapy, get the thoughts of everyone involved, and observe couple/family dynamics. At the same time, you should be able to get a clear sense of the therapist’s role and competency, the goals of treatment, and any “rules” to be observed in and out of sessions, such as who should attend which sessions and confidentiality of any information shared between and among partners or family members and the therapist. Over time, you will identify individual family roles and behaviors that contribute to conflicts, identify specific challenges, and explore ways to actively resolve issues.

How It Works

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While traditional therapy focuses more on the individual, MFT examines how an individual’s behavior affects both the individual and their relationship as part of a couple or family. The theory behind MFT is that regardless of whether a problem appears to be within an individual or within a family, getting other family members involved in the therapeutic process will result in more effective solutions. MFT is goal-oriented and works toward an established end result. In recent years, MFT practitioners and groups have called for expanded approaches to traditional MFT training that incorporate more “real world” practices to integrate other therapies and become more inclusive of non-heterosexual couples and families.

What to Look for in a Marriage and Family Therapist
A licensed marriage and family therapist is a mental health practitioner with a master’s degree or doctoral degree as well as specialized training that includes at least two years or 3,000 clinical hours of experience supervised by a marriage and family therapist. Upon completion of supervised hours, a therapist must also pass a state licensing exam. In addition to finding a qualified licensed MFT practitioner, it is important to work with someone you and family members trust and feel comfortable working with in a counseling environment.
“The best index to a person's character is
how he treats people who can't do him
any good, and how he treats people
who can't fight back.”

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